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eEngine Faster Shops
eEngine Faster Shops

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We guarantee server response time less than 0,1 sec

With Perseids you can change the insufficient front of your online shop into something really fast and user-friendly without a revolution in your business processes.

Loading time no longer than 5 seconds Unique Visitors

About perseids.io

Do you know that 65% of your customers will abandon shopping when the page loading time will be longer than 5 seconds?

Perseids will solve this problem.

Let us improve your shop with the magic of Perseids and make it instant loading. Your customers will appreciate it. For Perseids it's irrelevant how many Unique Visitors are at the moment - just one or one thousand! The database is autoscaled by Perseids.

Perseids are the world's fastest solution for e-commerce! Product is designed to support Magento CMS but it can easily be applied to any e-commerce software.


Used technologies

Elixir Phoenix mongoDB Solr Redux React

Who we are

We are a startup under the wings of eEngine Software House - where Ruby on Rails and PHP developers do Spectacular things.

Our origin story is based on e-Commerce. We are working for the best brands in Poland, supporting them with our experience, knowledge and positive attitude.

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Brands who work with our Software House

BZW BK PZU Gatta ZooFast Utilities Manager InPost

Are you interested? If you are an investor or e-Commerce feel free to contact us! Let's talk about how to bring online shops into the stars!

eEngine Faster Shops
eEngine Faster Shops

Who you are?